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Overflow from Our Fall Retreat

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Within God’s people—whether among the Israelites of the Old Testament or among today’s believers—there is an aspiration to be revived. Six centuries before Christ, the prophet Habakkuk wrote, “O Jehovah, revive Your work / In the midst of the years” (Hab. 3:2). The apostle Paul indicates that not only God’s people but even all creation is looking forward to the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose (Eph. 3:9), writing in Romans 8:19 that “the anxious watching of the creation eagerly awaits the revelation of the sons of God.” At our Fall Retreat at Harvey Cedars, we were encouraged to seek this kind of revival—something that affects not only our personal spiritual life but also meets God’s need for men to cooperate with Him for His purpose and brings the Lord Jesus back! Here is some of our enjoyment and appreciation: I really appreciated the big picture view presented in the retreat regarding the need for a new revival. We talked about it from both a personal and communal point of view. As believers in Christ, we are all members of His body, and the three central points of the retreat gave a strong focus on how we can become more one with the Triune God. I pray that we can become overcomers in this constantly changing world and that we can really strive to reach the highest peak of the divine revelation, become a God-man, and satisfy the need for shepherding and being shepherded. (Brian, Villanova University) It was such a blessing to be reminded and refreshed with a vision of the Lord’s need for a new revival today. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, so I’m glad I could get away for a weekend to receive a fresh word on what it takes to bring about an age-turning revival. Specifically I was touched by the need to learn how to shepherd, cherish, and nourish my fellow believers. We are shepherded when we shepherd others. We need to stop thinking only about receiving care and focus instead on how to take care of others. May the Lord give us His heart for people and teach us how to eat more of Christ so we can feed others with the living bread! (Patrick, Swarthmore College) I really enjoyed all the messages that were shared by whoever was delivering them. It was a fruitful and joyful weekend like I have never experienced before. Also, during the weekend I got baptized. Oh Lord, I love You so much! (Angel, Temple University) I saw, as I never had before, God’s intention in giving the law, the Ten Commandments (Exo. 20:1-17). I thought that since God said not to say His name in vain (v. 7), I needed to patrol myself and others in case anyone had a slip of tongue. Now, I realize that the law is like an engagement covenant between us and God (Exo. 34:27-29; Jer. 31:32). He doesn’t want us to say His name as a curse; He wants us to say it in a loving way. Lord, we want to be loving seekers and not letter keepers! (Vivian, University of Pennsylvania) Although God has many children, He still cares for the one that is lost and rejoices when that one is found (Luke 15:24). We don’t have to feel ashamed or obliged to do work when we come back to the Lord (vv. 19-21). Just let the Lord feed you and clothe you with Himself (vv. 22-23). Just enjoy Him! We have such a wonderful Father! (Laura, Eastern University) I enjoyed that freshly revealed truths are not God’s new inventions;...

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Our interns reflect

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Last week, 8 students from several different campuses participated in the Philly Christian Students Summer Internship. This was a week-long opportunity for students to spend time together in fellowship, prayer, and also practical service for the club. In the mornings, we had fellowship about topics regarding our personal relationship with the Lord, as well as our service together. In the afternoons, we visited the UPenn and Temple campuses to spread the word about Philly Christian Students. We also got to know some of the local Christian families who support our group by visiting their homes and enjoying dinner together in the evenings. Here’s what some of our interns had to say: The recent internship with Philly Christian Students was both enjoyable and practical. Before beginning work each day, we would sing and pray to contact the Lord. Then, throughout the day, we would practice maintaining our fellowship with Him. We learned that it is crucial to be filled with the Lord and to let Him work on us first before we can be useful to Him. – Matt M., West Chester University This week was very precious to me. What I appreciated the most was being able to apply concepts in the Bible to my life and experience God in a real and personal way. I got to know students from other campuses, and enjoyed praying and singing together. The environment was casual and intimate. We supported and encouraged each other as we promoted our club to freshmen at Temple and Penn. In the evenings, we were invited into the homes of families living near the area for a hearty dinner. Even though I didn’t know most of them, we were brothers and sisters in the Lord. An eye-opening experience! – Robin Z., Temple University I was really touched that our relationship with the Lord really starts with the condition of our heart. Our heart is the gateway to forming a proper relationship with Him. Therefore, we first need to come forward to Him and have a dealing with our heart. It is very important that our heart be pure for the Lord and undefiled of other things. We cannot have a heart that is mixed with other things, such as education and ambitions. We should avoid having these other such things take over our hearts and seek absolutely nothing but the Lord. However, not only do we need a pure heart, but we also need a single heart. A single heart means to be simple in heart. We should have a heart that is not complex and tampered by our situations and surroundings. In college, there are so many activities, commitments, and obligations, but when we participate in such things, we should always ask ourselves, “Is my heart still pure and single for You?” If there is something that keeps our heart impure or not single, then we need to deal with the heart by coming forward to the Lord. Unless we have a pure and single heart for the Lord, there will be no way for us to have a proper relationship with the Lord. Having such a heart will open the gateway so the Lord can fill our whole being. – Connie C., University of Pennsylvania   This internship was awesome! I spent the week with seven other Christian students who wanted to practice and learn how to serve the Lord. Because our group was relatively small and we spent almost every hour of the day together, we got to know one another – by the end of the week, the other interns and the Philly Christian Students staff felt like...

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Bible Reading Challenge

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We know that college can be a very challenging environment for our Christian faith, so we want to start off the new semester right by reading the gospel of John together. Whether or not you have read the book of John before, this will strengthen your faith and help you to get to know another student believer. Here’s what to do: Sign up using this form. We’ll connect you with a partner to enjoy and discuss the book together. You and your partner set your own reading schedule. Try to complete the gospel of John together by 9/30/14. If you need a copy of the Bible, please let us know and we’ll provide one! “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John...

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The Calling of Abraham – PCS Reading Challenge, Week 2

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We’ve been reading through The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob by Watchman Nee for our summer Reading Challenge. Last week we finished up Chapter 2 for Week 2 of the challenge.Check out what we’ve been enjoying below:   God calling Abraham was to call him out of the sinful situation. God appeared to Abraham as the God of glory. Pray that we also experience and see God as the God of glory! JL God trained Abraham so that God can have the full way in Abraham. Likewise, the Lord seeks to always train us so that He can have the full way in us. We shouldn’t look at our situations and circumstances as something to be forsaken, but another opportunity for the Lord to train us, deal with us so that He can use us the way that He wants us to be used. CC This chapter presents the importance of Abraham in the context of being a Christian. Because of his faith, Abraham was blessed by God to be the father of all the nations. I love that we can relate to this through our own faith in answering God’s calling. Finally, there was a statement from this reading that especially enjoyed, that the success or failure of God’s work is determined by the fight or flight response of His chosen people. While this may be a bit of an exaggeration, in that the will of God will ultimately be done, it does speak clearly to the importance of staying faithful to His purpose. BK Before Abraham, God worked in individuals and they received something from Him. They were good, but none of them could change the sinful situation they were in. Abraham was chosen to be God’s first point of recovery. God needed him in order to recover man from the sinful situation by bringing His authority and will to the earth. Abraham not only received grace; he was a transmitter of grace. This also needs to be our experience. RJ I enjoyed that “in order to be God’s people we must have some definite experiences in Him” which is why it is so important to see what those experiences are through these three men. I also enjoyed that we can use Abraham as a pattern. Although he is a giant figure in the bible, actually he was an ordinary man. “It was not Abraham who made himself different from others; it was God who made him different.” We have to learn that we have nothing to boast in, but it is God who initiates and is the source of our faith. JH The calling in Ur and in Haran show that God is the one initiating and is persistent. Ordinary Abraham was able to act as a critical person for turning the situation because of God’s calling and God’s persistence. Abraham did not possess a special, natural skill to make himself the one God used. Rather, God was the one who called Abraham. Abraham did not completely follow God’s instructions. Yet, God called him again. When God initiates, He follows through! KH I am the Lord’s! I belong to God! I appreciated this week that I am not my own, but I belong to God. God wants to gain a group of people for Himself who will declare that they belong to Him and are for Him. AB I enjoyed that God works through begetting, not just preaching. Preaching about God is empty unless you have experienced God. If you have, then rather than doctrines, you have a subjective experience to share. DH Gen. 12:3 “In thee shall all families of...

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Fall Retreat 2013 – Part 2

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Earlier this week some students shared their impressions of the Fall Retreat (topic: “the Lord’s Recovery”.) We promised to post more, so here they are – more riches from the retreat! “I was so touched when I learned that God is faithful, ALL the time, to lead us to the enjoyment of Christ. For a few years, I felt very out of touch with God, because I was living in Asia and I couldn’t get past the language barrier to truly love God and fellowship with the local saints, but the Lord brought me companions who felt the same way. My faith was restored and a part of myself that I didn’t know was empty became filled to the brim! Praise the Lord that He is faithful to bring us back to Him in love!” Vivian S., Haverford College “I enjoyed a ministry excerpt we read during the retreat: ‘Christ has to be formed in us. This means that we have to let Christ occupy every part of our being. Christ should occupy our mind, our thinking, our consideration…For Christ to occupy us in this way means that He is making His Home in us. In Ephesians Paul prayed that Christ might make His home in our hearts. Then in Gal 4:19 he expressed his desire for Christ to be formed in us. To have Christ formed in us is to have Christ grown in us in full.’ ” Toby C., Temple University “During the retreat, I enjoyed that the Lord wants us to give Him the first place in all things. Calling on His name, “Oh Lord Jesus!”, repeating short prayers to Him, or even singing hymns to Him are some practical ways to give the Lord the preeminence in our hearts. My favorite little prayer is: “My presence shall go with You and I will give You the rest.” If we are under the Lord’s presence, we will spontaneously give Him the preeminence, the first place, in all things.” Connie C., UPenn “I enjoyed how we should have a fresh relationship with the Lord each day. Some of us have been believers for many years, and it is easy to take for granted how every day is an opportunity to appreciate Him in a new way. In fact, we should renew our consecration to the Lord every day. The speaker at the retreat said that it is normal to tell the Lord every morning: ‘Lord, I give my whole life to you again. I give my whole being to you! Lord Jesus, I still love you! Thank you, Lord, for another day to love you more!’ no matter what our current situation is. We may be going through difficulties in our lives and be low in spirit, but just knowing that the Lord is always so fresh and available should motivate us to touch Him in a fresh way. Remember, each day is an opportunity to renew our consecration and love the Lord even more.” Robin Z., Temple University “For many of us this was not our first time at a Christian retreat, but somehow personally I felt like this was by far one of the most influential ones I’ve been to. At many retreats, we’re touched by the Lord while we’re there, but then after we’ve come back to our normal lives it’s so easy to go back to what we feel comfortable doing, and that might not please the Lord. But this time I came back feeling completely new and revived, as though I had left part of my old self and gained something new and...

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